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Disposal Information

Solid Waste Management

The Trimble County Solid Waste Management Department's primary function is to promote the beauty of our county. The SWM department has two employees, Michaela Dziedzic, Solid Waste Coordinator and Enforcement Officer and Bruce Pyles, Solid Waste Officer.

The Solid Waste Coordinator Michaela Dziedzic encourages the enforcement of the nuisance ordinance, litter abatement, grant writing, administering the dumpster program, and cleaning up illegal dumpsites throughout the county.

The Solid Waste Officer Bruce Pyles monitors the activities at Valley View Landfill and management of our Recycling Program.

Disposal Companies

For Residents moving into the County we have two independent companies to provide you with curbside pick up of your household trash. Listed below are the two different companies to contact:

Rumpke of Kentucky
(502) 568-3800 ext 7445
Republic Services
(502) 743-5426

Special Disposal Items


Valley View Landfill accepts tires.  Please call for schedule of prices (502) 584-3090.


Auto-Zone at 402 S. 1st Street Lagrange, KY gives $10 Gift Cards for old automobile batteries


Family Metals in LaGrange, KY (502) 222-0222.


The landfill will accept paint if it is dry. If you have wet paint, mix in Kitty Litter until the paint is dry. Once no liquid is present you can set the can in the garbage for your hauler to pick up.

Farm Chemicals

Please Call 1-800-205-6543. This is a free service of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

If you have something you need disposed of that is not on this list please call Michaela Dziedzic at 502-255-4280 or 502-977-1535. In the event that no one is available to take your call, please leave a name and number with a brief message.