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Ordinances of Trimble County Fiscal Court


Court Ordinances
Implementation and Maintenance of the Trimble County Enhanced 911 Addressing Plan5/24/1999340.3
Application for Employment 9/17/2019Application for Employment
Code of Ethics10/24/2002230.10
County Road Right of Way County Road Right of Way
Authorizing and Directing Additional Court Costs for the Purpose of Costs Related to Court Facilities12/11/2000220.23
Dog Licenses6/30/2003840.1.01
Amendments to Ordinance No. 840.1, Dog Warden2/15/1999840.1
Establishment of Speed Limits on Country Roads in Trimble County3/27/2003 
Ordinance for Encroachment Permit for Entrance to County Roads12/11/2000620.10
Limitation of Conditions Under Which Nuisances Suits May Be Brought Against Agricultural Operations12/20/2002830.13
Subdivision Ordinance  Subdivision Ordinance
Amendments to the Regulation of the Subdivision of Land in Trimble County1/7/2003930.3
Storage, Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste and the Sitting of Landfills and Solid Waste Management Facilities1/11/2005830.22
Use and Control of Hazardous Materials in Trimble County4/15/2002 
Water Rationing7/16/2001340.6
Declaration of Water Shortage and Establishment of Procedures for Essential Conservation of Water Resources8/18/2001340.5
An Interim Application Process for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities12/17/2001340.7
Zoning Ordinance