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​​​​​Trimble County has 4 magistrates representing the four districts of the county. They each represent near equal populations and have an equal vote on matters of concern to Fiscal Court.​

Magistrate District #1Chris LiterMilton, KYChris.Liter@yahoo.com1(812) 701-3090
Magistrate District #2Kenny Green8300 HWY 42 W
Pendleton, KY 40055
Maynard.Green@yahoo.com2(502) 663-1242
Magistrate District #3J.D. JonesMilton, KYJ.D.Jones1137@gmail.com3(502) 525-9357
Magistrate District #4Kirby MelvinBedford, KYKirbyMelvin49@aol.com4(502) 663-2357